Money bill

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(Legislation) a bill for raising revenue.

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The exclusive privilege of originating money bills will belong to the House of Representatives.
'Boodle money' consists of a few original Philippine paper bills and bundles of photocopied money bills.
The Senate cannot originate money Bills, which connotes Bills that require the expenditure of public funds for their implementation.
class="font-size--16 MsoNormalThe constitution provides that the Senate will have no role considering bills that are either money bills in nature or those that do not concern counties.
Senior advocate P Chidambaram appearing for Ramesh told the Bench that the amendments were done in violation of the Constitution as they were enacted as money bills.
Staff at the council were amazed by the small money bills and coins he handed over to them.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Muhammad Azam Khan Swati on Tuesday stressed the need to create balance between Senate and National Assembly on monetary affairs including Money Bills.
There were also three bottles of yellowish liquid believed to be liquid ecstasy valued at P51,500, and wads of crisp money bills amounting to P720,346.
It is bad enough that it is attempting to rule through ordinance, but that this should extend to Money Bills (such as the amnesty scheme would require), is highly unusual.
On why the Bills to reintroduce the Sales and Service Tax (SST) went through Dewan Negara smoothly, Liew said that such laws and the Budget are money Bills and that the Federal Constitution does not allow the Dewan Negara to stop such Bills.
The guard then ordered the inmate to open his hand and he found money bills, along with a rolled tissue paper containing a small plastic tube.