Money bill

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(Legislation) a bill for raising revenue.

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The exclusive privilege of originating money bills will belong to the House of Representatives.
MONEY BILLS"They want a role in debating money bills which is against the constitutional provisions.
However, in terms of the Money Bills Amendment Procedure and Related Matters Amendment Act, both Houses of Parliament have to finalise the fiscal framework within 16 days of the Budget being introduced to Parliament.
The faceless money bills that surfaced recently will be worth much, much more than their face value (an ironic phrase in itself) as collectors' items in the years to come.
But to the complainant's surprise, the package did not contain a machine but instead contained nothing but an improvised vault with green colored paper cut in the size of money bills, Gierran said.
The amendments extends the term of the suspension of tax on capital gains resulting from dealing in money bills in the stock market for another three years until 2020.
will have three folds with the end goal that credit cards are put away vertically, isolate pockets for money bills or monetary orders and may likewise contain a straightforward window to show identification card.
As concerned citizens of India, we are appalled and dismayed at the government's use of money bills to push through important legislation that affects all citizens, without requiring approval by both houses of Parliament.
12-C of 2017 in the Upper House and put all these on record and do everything else in your power to ensure that the practice of by-passing important Bills by illegitimately classifying them as Money Bills is immediately stopped".
Moreover, omnibudget bills present a special challenge because they are money bills and votes of confidence.
In the same sitting, the National Assembly has approved a report of its Economic Committee on the Act of Money Bills for the 2016 at the third and fourth reading phases.
The decision was taken to cut the cost of printing millions of new money bills, and also to reduce the traffic which hits Ruwi's Central Business District (CBD) ahead of Eid Al Fitr, according to the bank official.