Money broker

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a broker who deals in different kinds of money; one who buys and sells bills of exchange; - called also money changer.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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FXD CAPITAL Money broker and deposit specialist FXD Capital has announced the appointment of Richard Muckle as broker partner.
TreasuryXpress, a provider of on-demand treasury management solutions (TMS), has announced it has partnered with FXD Capital, a money broker and deposit specialist, to empower corporate treasurers and finance directors to achieve comprehensive cash visibility and improve the way they manage their idle cash, the company said.
Vahid said accounts are often closed when people receive money from Iran, usually by cash transfer or via a money broker. Despite the removal of sanctions, major European banks still do not handle Iranian payments, so ordinary Iranians, such as students, would have to bring their money in cash or through a money exchange, which may look suspicious to banks.
It was sold to a black market foreign exchange broker, transferred to at least three large local casinos, sold back to the money broker, and moved out to overseas accounts -- all in a few days.
The gambling proceeds were later remitted to the money broker and transferred to overseas bank accounts.
Pioneering money broker Ira Zlotowitz has announced he will cap his company's fee for the second time in a year as Eastern Union Funding barrels towards a record year.
John Goddard, a 58-year-old messenger for a money broker, was mugged at knifepoint in London on May 2, 1990.
In 2013, Skipton disposed of its money broker subsidiary Sterling International Brokers and Mutual One, a support service provider.
Summary: For investors interested in the buy-to-let sector, Morocco offers good investment opportunities, as this business is likely to prove a profitable move in the country, according to the UK-based foreign exchange money broker Hifx.
While the former money broker has always taken his responsibilities seriously, he is undoubtedly one of the most flamboyant and extrovert characters on the scene and also one of the most approachable since he has never been one to stand too much on ceremony.
the Hawala private money broker network to transfer funds between them in