money-market fund

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mon′ey-market fund`

a mutual fund that invests in the money market.
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In each instance of money fund difficulty, reductions in the value of portfolio securities exerted pressure on funds to lower share prices below one dollar.
US Attorney Faith Hochberg said Dunn, acting with others convicted earlier of fraud, claimed their New Jersey and Switzerland-based Euro-American Money Fund Trust was an international trust that managed funds for wealthy families, pension funds and gover nments for years.
Let's say your first "doubtful account" needs $3,000 of credit and your risk money fund is $10,000.
Securities and Exchange Commission, affirmed the Fund Credit Quality Ratings (FCQR) and Fund Market Risk Sensitivity Ratings of San Diego Treasurer's Pooled Money Fund at 'AAAf'/'S1'.
According to the Federal Reserve, institutional money fund balances declined by 30 percent between August 2008 and the end of 2012.
Money Fund Exposure and European Banks: Eurozone Declines, France Increases' is available at
But Jarno Timmerman, chief dealer at paint and coatings company AkzoNobel in the Netherlands, says the company has used a money fund with a floating NAV.
Telecomms company AT&T Singapore has announced the contribution of USD20,000 (SGD29,916) to the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund to support underprivileged children in Singapore.
I am off on a worldwide holiday later on this year and the profit share will bump up my spending money fund nicely.'
(Newspapers, in particular, seem loath to provide this sort of information.) Investment advisor Bill Donoghue was getting so much of that "contactless" mention in the media that at one point he officially changed the title of his money fund newsletter to Donoghue's Money Fund Report of Holliston MA 01746 in an effort to force other media to provide readers with this information.
During the past five years, Mr EgertonVernon has been a director of the Absolute Capital Equity Fund, Newton Corporate Money Fund and the Pictet British Investment Company.
With such vigorous returns from the stock market, you're probably wondering why anyone would suggest that you park your hard-earned dollars in a money fund. Deborah Frazier, vice president and senior financial consultant of Merrill Lynch's Private Client Group, says: "Some clients think that [if] they have 50% in growth stocks and 50% in the money market, they are diversified.