money-market fund

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mon′ey-market fund`

a mutual fund that invests in the money market.
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NYSE:JPM) and the country's top money market fund manager, Fidelity National Financial Inc (NYSE:FNF), which manages $420 billion in money-market fund assets.
Interstate Tax-Exempt Fund, California Municipal Money-Market Fund, Connecticut Municipal Money-Market Fund, Florida Municipal Money-Market Fund, Massachusetts Municipal Money-Market Fund, Michigan Municipal Money-Market Fund, New Jersey Municipal Money-Market Fund, Ohio Municipal Money-Market Fund, Pennsylvania Municipal Money-Market Fund, Virginia Municipal Money-Market Fund, New York Municipal Money-Market Fund, Arizona Municipal Money-Market Fund, Louisiana Municipal Money-Market Fund, Minnesota Municipal Money-Market Fund.
A key benefit is that it allows clients to park their dollars in a money-market fund with added interest instead of a low-interest or even a noninterest-bearing savings or checking account.
A money-market fund is nice gift to give to introduce someone to the market.
The Reserve Funds(R) Chairman and creator of "The World's First Money-Market Fund,"(R) Bruce Bent, is calling for regulators to specifically exclude money funds from certain proposed rules governing the pricing of mutual fund shares.
In 1997, we unveiled Reserve Insured Deposits (SM), the next generation of cash management services created in the same spirit of innovation as our invention of the money-market fund over thirty years ago.
Moody's Investors Service has assigned a money-market fund rating of Aaa to the Conseco Money Market Fund, a money-market portfolio -- consisting of Class A and Class Y shares -- that forms part of the Conseco Fund Group family of mutual funds.
The money-market fund rating triple-'Am' was assigned to both the "BNP InstiCash M GBP" and "BNP InstiCash M USD" subfunds, and the bond-fund rating triple-'Af' to the "BNP InstiCash F GBP" and "BNP InstiCash F USD" subfunds.
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Standard & Poor's CreditWire 7/18/97 -- Standard & Poor's today has assigned its triple-'Am' money-market fund rating to Mentor Institutional U.
Most of the rise in mutual fund sales resulted from inflows into money-market funds, says Jacob S.