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One that lends money at an interest rate.
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(Banking & Finance) a person who lends money at interest as a living
ˈmoneyˌlending adj, n
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(ˈmʌn iˌlɛn dər)

a person or organization whose business it is to lend money at interest.
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Noun1.moneylender - someone who lends money at excessive rates of interestmoneylender - someone who lends money at excessive rates of interest
lender, loaner - someone who lends money or gives credit in business matters
shark - a person who is ruthless and greedy and dishonest
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مُرابٍ، شَخْص يُقْرِض المال بِفائِدَه
kdo půjčuje peníze za úrok
kto požičiava peniaze na úrok


[ˈmʌnɪˌlendəʳ] Nprestamista mf
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[ˈmʌnilɛndər] nprêteur/euse m/fmoney-maker moneymaker [ˈmʌnimeɪkər] n (British) (business, product)affaire f lucrativemoney-making [ˈmʌnimeɪkɪŋ] adj [scheme, potential, opportunity] → lucratif/ivemoney market nmarché m monétairemoney order n (US)mandat mmoney purchase modif [pension, plan] → à cotisations déterminées
money purchase scheme → régime à cotisations déterminéesmoney spinner n (British)mine f d'or (fig)money supply nmasse f monétaire
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[ˈmʌnɪˌlɛndəʳ] nchi presta soldi (pej) → usuraio/a
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(ˈmani) noun
coins or banknotes used in trading. Have you any money in your purse?; The desire for money is a cause of much unhappiness.
ˈmoney-box noun
a box for saving money in.
ˈmoneylender noun
a person who lends money and charges interest.
lose/make money
to make a loss or a profit. This film is making a lot of money in America.
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Here was the guileless person who was not a professional moneylender, but who would be glad to correspond, etc.
Reuben Metaxa," said the moneylender. "Was it about an advance you wished to see me?"
"This is beside the question," said the moneylender with a deprecatory shrug.
Presently feet were heard upon the stairs, the moneylender hurried out, there was a sound of whispering, and he returned with a large, fat, greasy-looking man, clad in a much worn frock-coat, and a very dilapidated top hat.
The moneylender opened it and dipped his pen into the ink.
You tell me this man you have here spent weeks and months wheedling needy women out of small sums of money; that he used a drug at the best, and a poison at the worst; that he turned up afterwards as the lowest kind of moneylender, and cheated most poor people in the same patient and pacific style.
And with the start of the new school year just days away, they have urged low-income families to be on their guard for door-to-door moneylenders, who are looking to exploit their financial difficulties.
The name in the note matches that of her neighbour, Chiang said, adding that she had never taken a loan from moneylenders before.
In November, twoadditional private moneylenders were approved.The regulations onmoney lending aim toregulate private moneylending and ensure thatit is brought under thepurview of the financialsector.
A Paisley MP called for stiff jail sentences to stamp out the menace of illegal moneylenders in his constituency.
The Irish central bank has said that it is to take measures to restrict money loans, targeted advertising and unsolicited contact by moneylenders.