Mongoloid race

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Noun1.Mongoloid race - an Asian race
race - people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock; "some biologists doubt that there are important genetic differences between races of human beings"
Oriental, oriental person - a member of an Oriental race; the term is regarded as offensive by Asians (especially by Asian Americans)
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According to ELISA and immunoblotting studies, these seven MAbs can be categorized into two groups: 1) Four IgG1, 2, 4 specific MAbs of which three (1F5A8, 8F9G7 and 6F11E1), react with conformational epitopes located on heavy chain of IgG1, 2, 4 (Figure 1) and an unusual IgG3 myeloma protein (Goe) bearing allotypic marker of the Mongloid populations [G3m(st)] displaying similar specificity to SPA.