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The steamer Mongolia, belonging to the Peninsular and Oriental Company, built of iron, of two thousand eight hundred tons burden, and five hundred horse-power, was due at eleven o'clock a.m.
The detective was evidently inspired by the hope of obtaining the splendid reward which would be the prize of success, and awaited with a feverish impatience, easy to understand, the arrival of the steamer Mongolia.
I repeat that the Mongolia has been in advance of the time required by the company's regulations, and gained the prize awarded for excess of speed."
But really, I don't see how, from the description you have, you will be able to recognise your man, even if he is on board the Mongolia."
Fix, left alone, was more impatient than ever, having a presentiment that the robber was on board the Mongolia. If he had indeed left London intending to reach the New World, he would naturally take the route via India, which was less watched and more difficult to watch than that of the Atlantic.
Noting that this marks the third meeting of the two sides in the city of Vladivostok, the Mongolian President and the Japanese Premier exchanged views mainly on issues of broadening economic cooperation between Mongolia and Japan.
Gordeyev and Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Mongolia I.K.
Highlighting the development of the oil and gas sector in Mongolia, Davaasuren pointed to great potential for cooperation in this area.
The Sultan had mentioned the possibility at a banquet at the Terelj Resort, a holiday destination 49km from Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.
Pakistan beat Mongolia 3-0 (25-16, 25-19, 25-14) in a men's volleyball match at the Gelora Bung Karno sports complex in Senayan, Central Jakarta, yesterday.
Ulaanbaatar [Mongolia], June 22 ( ANI ): Mongolia on Friday launched the construction of its first oil refinery, which is funded by India, at Altanshiree Soum in southern Dornogovi province.