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Noun1.Mongolic language - a family of Altaic language spoken in MongoliaMongolic language - a family of Altaic language spoken in Mongolia
Altaic language, Altaic - a group of related languages spoken in Asia and southeastern Europe
Kalka, Khalka, Khalkha - the language of the Khalkha that is the official language of the Mongolian People's Republic
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Others have wanted to see a link between Mongolian sirkeg "fiber, thread" and Manchu sirge "silk thread, silk floss." It is probable that the Manchu form is a loan from some Mongolic language. Phonologically both forms look good; however, it is difficult to see how a Mongolic form, through the medium of a Shianbei or Uhwan word, could have been the basis of Seres and serikon.
Many minorities maintain oral traditions of significant history and size, including the Dongxiang, whose Mongolic language has 500,000 speakers, and Hani, a Tibeto-Burman language whose oral tradition tells of an ancient orthography that was lost over the course of their migration to Yunnan.
We argue, to the contrary, that the presence of reduplication in Oroqen is the result of borrowing, most likely from a Mongolic language. Inter alia, the highly restrictive nature of the reduplication in Oroqen, its failure to adhere to Oroqen phonotactics, and the distribution of reduplication in other Tungusic and Mongolic languages are offered as evidence to support this position.
Because the "Altaic" divergence and convergence theories have been thoroughly disproven on scientific grounds, Shimunek does not discuss them in detail, and finds that most of the other hypotheses on the origin of the Mongolic languages are methodologically flawed, the exceptions being the Ancient Mongol Theory and the Para-Mongolic Theory.