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A Native American culture flourishing from the 2nd century bc to the 13th century ad in southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico, especially noted for its development of pottery.

[After Mogollon, a town in west-central New Mexico where artifacts typical of the culture were excavated.]
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(ˌmoʊ gəˈyoʊn)

1. an extensive plateau or mesa in central Arizona; the SW margin of the Colorado Plateau.
2. a mountain range in W New Mexico.
3. of or designating an Indian culture of SE Arizona and SW New Mexico c300 b.c.a.d. cl400.
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In addition, Escobedo, Portillo, Casero, and Mongollon (2016) indicate some of the studies identified on female entrepreneurs showed that women did not satisfy their professional expectations doing tasks associated with housework that might not be highly regarded or valued by society, so their need and desire to achieve job, career, and personal satisfaction had increased.
Herman (history, Central Washington University) delves into the history of how two Apache tribes, the Dilzhe'e and Yavapai, came to the Mongollon Rim in east-central Arizona, how they were cast out by whites and confined to reservations, and how they returned, during the time period 1864-1934.
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