Mongoloid race

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Noun1.Mongoloid race - an Asian race
race - people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock; "some biologists doubt that there are important genetic differences between races of human beings"
Oriental, oriental person - a member of an Oriental race; the term is regarded as offensive by Asians (especially by Asian Americans)
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A 2011 study conducted by Madhu Chandra of North-East Support Center and Helpline (NESCH) describes this trend as "a reflection of India's caste practices and social system as the majority of North-East Indians come from Scheduled Castes and Tribes and ethnically Mongoloid race, which falls out of caste hierarchy.
The prevalence of these spots has been reported to be as high as 80-90% in neonates of mongoloid race.
The eastern region of India is dominated by the Mongoloid race.