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Noun1.Monistat - an antifungal agent usually administered in the form of a nitrate (trade name Monistat)
antifungal, antifungal agent, antimycotic, antimycotic agent, fungicide - any agent that destroys or prevents the growth of fungi
brand, brand name, marque, trade name - a name given to a product or service
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-- The "rules" of pregnancy have changed dramatically over time, which leaves soon-to-be moms having to decode the latest news and advice to determine how to best manage their health, according to a new "Health Below the Bump" survey commissioned by Monistat.
While it would seem controversial today, some women of prior generations engaged in many behaviors that now are widely believed to be harmful for mom, baby, or both during pregnancy, notes a "Health Below the Bump" survey commissioned by Monistat, Tarrytown, N.Y.
To prevent and relieve chafing in delicate areas of the body, including under arms, breasts, inner thighs and bikini areas, try Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel.
There have been reported drug interactions between warfarin, an anticoagulant (blood thinner) medication and topical miconazole nitrate products (such as Monistat) and oral fluconazole (Diflucan).
year share year year ago ago age Private $77.4 14.9% 37.5% 5.4% 7.3 11.3% Label Monistat 3 36.6 1.4 17.8 0.5 2.1 1.3 Monistat 1 36.4 -9.5 17.6 -1.5 1.8 -9.8 Monistat 17.5 -5.0 8.5 -0.3 1.3 -4.5 7 RepHresh 9.2 8.6 4.5 0.4 0.5 7.7 Replens 7.4 5.1 3.6 0.2 0.4 4.5 Monistat 1 6.1 -38.5 3.0 -1.8 0.4 -38.4 Day -- vH 4.9 50.0 1 2.4 0.8 0.2 58.1 Essentials K-Y 3.8 -21.6 1.8 -0.5 0.5 -22.8 Silk-E.
(Allegan MI) won approval for a generic over-the-counter version of Johnson & Johnson's vaginal cream Monistat. Perrigo said it will start shipping the miconazole product immediately.
Other drugs known to leach DEHP from PVC tubing are: Etoposide (VePesid), Teniposide (Vumon), Librium, Monistat, Sandimmune, Tacrolimus, Fat Emulsions and Vitamin A.
Pharmacies sell Monistat and other medications over the counter, but what if yours is not a yeast infection?
Abreva, Advil, Alavert, Aleve, Centrum Multi, Claritin, Enfamil, Farouk Shampoo, Gillette Fusion CRT,Gillette LTE M3 CRT, Lamisil, Lotrimin, Motrin, Monistat, Oral-B RPL HEAD, Oil of Olay, Pepcid AC, Prilosec, Schick Refill CRT, Senokot, Similac, Tagamet, Tylenol, Zantac, Zantrex Diet.
Miconazole 2% cream (Micatin, Monistat) (used twice daily for 2 weeks by inmates in a Florida prison) demonstrated 75.5% clinical clearing (against tinea cruris, pedis, or corporis, or Candida cutaneous infections) when compared with placebo (NNT=1.57).
Responsible for worldwide oral re, women's health, and sanitary protection businesses including the leading Reach, Stayfree, and Monistat brands.