Monitor top

the raised central portion, or clearstory, of a car roof, having low windows along its sides.

See also: Monitor

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Many manufacturers and brands only monitor top retail stores like Amazon, eBay or Best Buy, but research shows that price drop trends on most items usually starts from an unknown store somewhere.
However, GE also made an electric version in 1927 called the Monitor Top. In 1930, Freon was synthesized by a major competitor of GE, Frigidaire.
All of these efforts have their foundation in agency theory's prediction that independent boards more vigilantly monitor top managers and provide a better check against self-interested managerial behaviors (Fama and Jensen, 1983).
The worldOs largest online travel resource affords TripAtlas PROs this innovative tool allowing agents and tour operators to monitor top departure cities and top travel destinations.
1926: The Monitor Top refrigerator begins production.
Agency theory is the most popular framework for examining how boards attempt to monitor top managers (Shleifer and Vishny, 1997).
Equipment positioning--When sitting at your computer, place the entire viewing area of the monitor between 15 and 50 degrees below horizontal eye level, with the monitor top tilted slightly up and away.
GE decided to enter the electric refrigerator arena and, after an extensive engineering effort led by Alexander Stevenson, leapfrogged everyone else with its Monitor Top refrigerator in 1927.
A little further into the future are monitor top cameras that will react to movement and gestures to make controlling the PC easier.
Many critics of boards believe these additional ties to the company potentially impair a grey director's ability to objectively monitor top management.
Directors already have the authority -- which in my view they should exercise more rigorously -- to monitor top management compensation systems and to oversee compensation plans to ensure that CEOs are not disproportionately rewarded for performance that is only very indirectly based upon management contribution.
Affect control theory suggests that the more closely board members monitor top management team decisions, the less affective conflict those teams will experience because monitoring is in keeping with the team members' perception of the board's role and identity.