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n.1.A wrench or spanner which has one fixed and one adjustable jaw.
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However, being grouped with serious contenders Samsung Galaxy and RNG might just throw a monkeywrench into their plans.
Breakout, This Is A Call, Monkeywrench, the anthems just kept on coming and nobody, including the band, wanted it to stop, even after it was well past the two-hour mark.
Tim's a legend and always busy with art and music and seems to have multiple projects at once, and the Monkeywrench doesn't put out a lot of stuff, so it's a pleasure to hear.
It is time for women and men, individually and in small groups to act heroically in the defense of the wild, to put a monkeywrench into the gears of the machine that is destroying natural diversity.
However, in his most celebrated novel, The Monkeywrench Gang, Abbey moves beyond both fantasy and gonzo theatre and has his ecoanarchists push the lever that detonates the wall.
The ever-so-gradual blossoming of their romance is a tickling delight, even though one suspects Haneke will throw a monkeywrench into it.