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 (mŏn′məth), Duke of Title of James Scott. 1649-1685.
English pretender to the throne. The illegitimate son of Charles II, he led a rebellion after the succession of the Catholic James II but was defeated in battle, captured, and beheaded.


(Placename) a market town in E Wales, in Monmouthshire: Norman castle, where Henry V was born in 1387. Pop: 8547 (2001)


(Biography) James Scott, Duke of Monmouth. 1649–85, the illegitimate son of Charles II of England, he led a rebellion against James II in support of his own claim to the Crown; captured and beheaded


(ˈmɒn məθ)

1. James Scott, Duke of, 1649–85, illegitimate son of Charles II of England and pretender to the throne of James II.
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the third Norman king who ruled our land) there lived a monk called Geoffrey of Monmouth.
We were prevented from any further discourse at present by the arrival of the apothecary; who, with much joy in his countenance, and without even asking his patient how he did, proclaimed there was great news arrived in a letter to himself, which he said would shortly be public, `That the Duke of Monmouth was landed in the west with a vast army of Dutch; and that another vast fleet hovered over the coast of Norfolk, and was to make a descent there, in order to favour the duke's enterprize with a diversion on that side.
But all had not the sense to foresee this at first; and therefore the Duke of Monmouth was weakly supported; yet all could feel when the evil came upon them; and therefore all united, at last, to drive out that king, against whose exclusion a great party among us had so warmly contended during the reign of his brother, and for whom they now fought with such zeal and affection.
Geoffrey of Monmouth, 'Historia Regum Britanniae' (Latin), about 1136.
I believe, according to the peerage, it is ten years, but ten years with Monmouth must have been like eternity, with time thrown in.
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