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Any of various flatworms of the class Monogenea that typically pass the entire life cycle as an ectoparasite on an individual fish.

[From New Latin Monogenea, class name (originally an order name) : mono- + Greek geneā, race; see genealogy.]

mon′o·ge′ne·an adj.


a fluke or parasite that lives on a fish and is a member of the order Monogenea
(Zoology) relating to a monogenean
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Mounting of monogeneans carried out under binocular magnifying glass; the determination of the various species was further done using the optical microscope.
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(2010), 19 species of monogeneans, nine digeneans and one species of acanthocephalan, together with 16 various larval forms have been found infecting this catfish; although the number of named species will undoubtedly grow in the future (Chibwana et al.