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tr.v. tes·sel·lat·ed, tes·sel·lat·ing, tes·sel·lates
To form into a mosaic pattern, as by using small squares of stone or glass.

[From Latin tessellātus, of small square stones, from tessella, small cube, diminutive of tessera, a square; see tessera.]

tes′sel·la′tion n.


1. the act of tessellating
2. (Building) the form or a specimen of tessellated work


decoration composed of multi-colored, small tiles, as found in a mosaic.
See also: Ornamentation
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Noun1.tessellation - the careful juxtaposition of shapes in a pattern; "a tessellation of hexagons"
juxtaposition, collocation, apposition - the act of positioning close together (or side by side); "it is the result of the juxtaposition of contrasting colors"
2.tessellation - the act of adorning with mosaic
decoration - the act of decorating something (in the hope of making it more attractive)
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Hilbert's 18th problem asked whether there is a tile admitting a monohedral tiling, but no isohedral tiling.
The k-th tile corona of T is the set of all tiles sharing a facet with some tile of the k - 1-th tile corona of T.) As a consequence of this result, a monohedral tiling og [R.sup.d] is isohedral if and only if all first tile coronae in T are congruent [8].