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n.1.(Math.) A monomial.
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Evaluation of antio xidant or pro - oxidant effects on DNA was bas ed on increas e or los s of percentage of s uper coiled monome r, co mpared with the control value.
Perhaps the struggle with the self lacked the theatricality of demonomanie, whose victims "s'imagin[ent] assister aux assemblees chimeriques des malins esprits" or a monomachie a "combat singulier d'homme a homme," or the scientific quality of a monome, "en Algebre, quantite qui n'est composee que d'une seule partie ou terme.
The multitalented Cebrian is co-founder and percussionist for the Monomes, whose music is included in the soundtrack of 2012 Spanish feature toon "Tad, the Lost Explorer.
Cebrian, who is a drummer in the band Monomes, is Watson's fellow student at Brown.