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Noun1.mononeuropathy - any neuropathy of a single nerve trunk
neuropathy - any pathology of the peripheral nerves
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3-6,11] Peroneal neuropathy is a common mononeuropathy which accounts for 15% of all mononeuropathies in adults.
Rare mononeuropathies of the upper limb in bodybuilders.
Multiple mononeuropathies or isolated mononeuritis.
Some forms of neuropathy, which damage only one nerve are called mononeuropathies.
Neurological manifestation of dengue include: encephalitis, encephalopathy, aseptic meningitis, mononeuropathies, polyneuropathies, Guillain-Barre syndrome, myelitis, intracranial haemorrhage and thrombosis.
Limb mononeuropathies due to compression/entrapment are of more gradual onset.
Therefore, the primary purpose of this descriptive study was to determine the presence of median and ulnar mononeuropathies in a population of dental personnel assigned to Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
It includes mononeuropathies and polyneuropathies, neuromuscular junction diseases, radiopathies and plexopathies, motor neuron diseases, muscular diseases, and related movement disorders.
They excluded 11,494 cases of isolated mononeuropathies, plexopathies, and radiculopathies.
The other presentations can be cranial neuropathies, thoraco-abdominal neuropathies or peripheral mononeuropathies involving median, ulnar, radial, femoral, lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh or common peritoneal nerve.