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(Theology) the 7th-century religious doctrine that stated that Christ has only one divine will but both a divine and a human nature

Monothelitism, Monotheletism

a heretical position of the 7th century that Christ’s human will had been superseded by the divine. Also Monothelism. — Monothelite, Monothelete, n. — Monothelitic, Monotheletic, adj.
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note: Soloviev wrote an encyclopedia article on seventh-century Monotheletism, which asserted the unity of the two wills, while the seventeenth-century contemplative movement of quietism sought perfection through passivity.
In the East, the council failed to reconcile the Chalcedonians and non-Chalcedonians and opened up the Eastern Church to a new festering dogmatic crisis, that of Monotheletism, the view that Christ had only one will, while deliberately leaving vague whether Christ as man had a truly operating free will in the union or whether there existed only one will in the union, that of the divine.
When the doctrine of Monotheletism was proclaimed under Heraclius--a move usually seen as a desperate effort for Christian unity--the final trap was set (p.