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(Theology) the 7th-century religious doctrine that stated that Christ has only one divine will but both a divine and a human nature
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Monothelitism, Monotheletism

a heretical position of the 7th century that Christ’s human will had been superseded by the divine. Also Monothelism. — Monothelite, Monothelete, n. — Monothelitic, Monotheletic, adj.
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note: Soloviev wrote an encyclopedia article on seventh-century Monotheletism, which asserted the unity of the two wills, while the seventeenth-century contemplative movement of quietism sought perfection through passivity.
Monotheletism which admitted only one will in Christ was the conclusion of the Monophysite movement.
In the East, the council failed to reconcile the Chalcedonians and non-Chalcedonians and opened up the Eastern Church to a new festering dogmatic crisis, that of Monotheletism, the view that Christ had only one will, while deliberately leaving vague whether Christ as man had a truly operating free will in the union or whether there existed only one will in the union, that of the divine.