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n.1.(Eccl. Hist.) One of an ancient sect who held that Christ had but one will as he had but one nature. Cf. Monophysite.
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involvement in the monothelite controversy, one does not find the later
They manifest in the form of its specific actions (a forgetfulness of this second truth, just as important as the first, was expressed in Christology by the Monothelite heresy, and in moral teaching by Quietism).
40) For a good background on imperial and ecclesial cooperation that resulted in the monothelite and monenergite controversies, see Pauline Allen and Bronwen Neil, ed.
There are also occasional factual slips such as the claim that monoenergeia denotes the belief in one, single will in Christ; rather it denotes one "activity" in Christ, being here confused with the Monothelite doctrine (68).