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A city of northeast-central Louisiana east of Shreveport. Founded in 1785, it is an industrial center.
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1. (Biography) James. 1758–1831, US statesman; fifth president of the US (1817–25). He promulgated the Monroe Doctrine (1823)
2. (Biography) Marilyn, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, later Norma Jeane Baker, sometimes spelled Norma Jean, 1926–62, US film actress. Her films include Niagara (1952), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), and Some Like It Hot (1959)
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1. James, 1758–1831, 5th president of the U.S. 1817–25.
2. Marilyn (Norma Jean Baker or Mortenson), 1926–62, U.S. film actress.
3. a city in N Louisiana. 54,520.
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Noun1.Monroe - United States film actress noted for sex appeal (1926-1962)Monroe - United States film actress noted for sex appeal (1926-1962)
2.Monroe - 5th President of the United StatesMonroe - 5th President of the United States; author of the Monroe Doctrine (1758-1831)
3.Monroe - a town of southeast Michigan on Lake Erie
Great Lakes State, Michigan, Wolverine State, MI - a midwestern state in north central United States in the Great Lakes region
4.Monroe - a town in north central Louisiana
Louisiana, Pelican State, LA - a state in southern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
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But one of them, the captain of the Monroe, knowing that Ned Land had shipped on board the Abraham Lincoln, begged for his help in chasing a whale they had in sight.
Monroe, then secretary of state, requesting protection from the government of the United States.
After trying for several days in and near the town of Hampton, I finally secured work in a restaurant at Fortress Monroe. The wages, however, were very little more than my board.
The old America had only one foreign policy, and that was to hold inviolate the Monroe doctrine.
The grandfathers of 1876 were fond of telling how Webster opposed taking Texas and Oregon into the Union; how George Washington advised against including the Mississippi River; and how Monroe warned Congress that a country that reached from the Atlantic to the Middle West was "too extensive to be governed but by a despotic monarchy." They told how Abraham Lincoln, when he was postmaster of New Salem, used to carry the letters in his coon- skin cap and deliver them at sight; how in 1822 the mails were carried on horseback and not in stages, so as to have the quickest possible service; and how the news of Madison's election was three weeks in reaching the people of Kentucky.
The power of Treaty may yet prove a vast engine of enlargement, when the Monroe doctrine takes its true place as a political fable.
At least in part as a result of Adams' trenchant correspondence, Monroe gained an increased awareness of his potential usefulness in mobilizing moderate Federalists behind the war.
MULTAN -- The construction of three stopovers on the way of "Mubarki Top" has been started to facilitate the visitors of the best recreational spot- Fort Monroe and adjacent areas.
Auto Business News-August 9, 2019--Monroe(R) ride control products increases Monroe Quick-Strut(R), OESpectrum(R) and Magnum ride control offerings
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 9, 2019--Monroe(R) ride control products increases Monroe Quick-Strut(R), OESpectrum(R) and Magnum ride control offerings
MARILYN Monroe was descended from a clan from the Scottish Highlands, DNA testing has proved.

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