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 (mōn-tä′lā, -lĕ), Eugenio 1896-1981.
Italian poet whose works, which greatly influenced 20th-century Italian literature, include Le Occasioni (1939) and Satura (1962). He won the 1975 Nobel Prize for literature.


(Italian monˈtaːle)
(Biography) Eugenio (euˈdʒɛːnjo). 1896–1981, Italian poet: Nobel prize for literature 1975


(mɔnˈtɑ lɛ)

Eugenio, 1896–1981, Italian poet: Nobel prize 1975.
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In the present case, human bones were found near Florence in 1996 from Indian area of the battlefield at Poggio Alto near Montale (Florence).
Contract award notice: School catering service and other purposes for the municipality of montale cig 772096450d (italy-pistoia: School catering services)
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In addition, the store offers a special fragrance collection of the finest quality from Montale Paris, the French ambassadors of oud.
Barone was a student at the Eugenio Montale technical institute and was the captain of his football team.
The topics addressed in Italica 94.4 include an analysis of Orlando's folly, a study of Michelangelo's epistolary language, and studies on Collodi, Montale, Fellini, Francesco Abate, and Massimo Carlotto.
Among specific topics are Eliot's rose-garden: some phenomenology and theology in "Burnt Norton," God's little mountains: young Geoffrey Hill and the problem of religious poetry, darkness and lostness: how to read a poem by Judith Wright, Eugenio Montale and "the other truth," and contemplation and concretion: four Marian lyrics.
Para comprender los entresijos de la traduccion literaria, hemos convocado a Fabio Morabito, Jaime Moreno Villarreal y Julio Trujillo, tres poetas y ensayistas sobresalientes que tambien han demostrado su talante de lectores experimentados al momento de traducir a autores de una calidad ya incuestionable, como Eugenio Montale, Stephane Mallarme o Mark Strand.
En su prologo, "Con el sol en las manos", Perdomo Orellana afirma que Lopez, distribuidor de pequenos soles entre las paginas, es de los que llevan la poesia al extremo, como Neruda, Montale o Elytis.
This festival is considered to be the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia since it consists of several events such as designing an architectural structure of the word oud for the occasion, in addition to showcasing most of the international perfume brands that feature oud scent like Armani prive, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Yves Saint-Laurent, S.T.Dupont, Versace, Lancome, Givenchy, Montale, Chopard, Viktor & Rolf, Polo Ralph Lauren, Aigner, and Mancera.
Mazaya stores offer a small selection of niche brands like Montale, whose perfumer Pierre Montale made fragrances for Saudi royals before launching his own line that often features oud or incense.
into Spanish of the complete poems of Eugenio Montale appeared in