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n. pl. Montauk or Mon·tauks
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting the eastern end of Long Island in New York.
2. The Algonquian language of the Montauk, dialectally related to Mohegan and Pequot.
3. A member of any of various Algonquian peoples of eastern and central Long Island connected with the Montauk.

[From a place name of Montauk origin.]
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The property involved had been an area within the exclusive domain of Wyandanch, the sovereign of the Montauks and several other Algonquin Indian tribes.
The Breakers is a motel in Montauk, New York situated immediately to the north of Old Montauk Highway.
Benson's death, this Montauk parcel (the Benson Reservation) was bequeathed to his children and in 1904 the Benson heirs engaged the prestigious landscape architectural firm of Olmsted Brothers (Frederick Law Olmsted Brothers (Frederick Law Olmsted was one of the architects of New York City's Central Park), to prepare a plan for this property, which was filed in the land records as Map #496.