Monte Carlo

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Mon·te Car·lo

 (mŏn′tē kär′lō)
A town of Monaco on the Mediterranean Sea and the French Riviera. It is a noted resort famed for its casino and luxurious hotels.

Monte Carlo

(ˈmɒntɪ ˈkɑːləʊ; French mɔ̃te karlo)
(Placename) a town and resort forming part of the principality of Monaco, on the Riviera: famous casino and the destination of an annual car rally (the Monte Carlo Rally). Pop: 15 507 (2000)

Mon•te Car•lo

(ˈmɒn ti ˈkɑr loʊ, -tɪ)
a town in Monaco principality, in SE France: gambling resort. 13,154.
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Noun1.Monte Carlo - a town and popular resort in the principality of MonacoMonte Carlo - a town and popular resort in the principality of Monaco; famous for its gambling casino
Monaco, Principality of Monaco - a constitutional monarchy in a tiny enclave on the French Riviera
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Melika Razavi wowed everybody as she raked in the chips at the 2019 PokerStars and Monte Carlo Casino European Poker Tour this month.
THE MIDLAND BOXING BEAT WITH MIKE LOCKLEY BIRMINGHAM'S first bonafide world champ, Kal Yafai, makes the fourth defence of his WBA superfly title on Saturday in the grand setting of a Monte Carlo casino.
Petersburg spent 33.3 mln roubles in a Monte Carlo casino. Monaco was also where the biggest fast food purchase was made, with a visitor from Moscow dining to a sum of 895,000 roubles.
The country is spending some PS1.5bn on reclaiming another six hectares of land from the sea below the Monte Carlo casino - the hammering sound of the piling drills echoed through Monte Carlo while the ECHO was there.
The Socit des Bains de Mar (SMB), the publicly traded owner of the famed Monte Carlo Casino and other gambling and hotel properties, lost ?32.8 million from 2016 to 2017.
The ambitious newPark MGMis the resurrection of the 21-year old Monte Carlo Casino that will include its own Nomad Hotel Las Vegas, outpost of Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich's Eataly and installments of Chicago's Bavette's Steakhouse and Primrose by Michelin starred chef Bryce Shuman.Still ways away, Restoration Hardware will foray as hotelier with a 14-room NYC property at 55 Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District with rooftop decks and pool by Anderson Architects.
This meant when they reached Monte Carlo they had just 45 minutes to take pictures at the marina, drive through the F1 tunnel and then park outside the world famous Monte Carlo Casino and Hotel Du Paris.
This magnificent 21st century interpretation of one of the greatest sportscars ever made is as at home outside the Monte Carlo casino as it is around Monza.
For "Ocean's Twelve," Soderbergh got to lense at the Monte Carlo Casino for free from 3:30 a.m.--once all the guests departed --until 2 p.m..
One driver takes exception to me snapping pictures of his car, blacking out his windows at the touch of a button, as he parks outside Monte Carlo Casino.
The name derives from the fact that the uncle of Stanislaw Ulam spent much of his time and money at the famous Monte Carlo casino, which one would hope would have a large degree of randomness associated with its games of chance.
primarily for the Monte Carlo casino and the Monaco Grand Prix, this