Monte Carlo

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Mon·te Car·lo

 (mŏn′tē kär′lō)
A town of Monaco on the Mediterranean Sea and the French Riviera. It is a noted resort famed for its casino and luxurious hotels.

Monte Carlo

(ˈmɒntɪ ˈkɑːləʊ; French mɔ̃te karlo)
(Placename) a town and resort forming part of the principality of Monaco, on the Riviera: famous casino and the destination of an annual car rally (the Monte Carlo Rally). Pop: 15 507 (2000)

Mon•te Car•lo

(ˈmɒn ti ˈkɑr loʊ, -tɪ)
a town in Monaco principality, in SE France: gambling resort. 13,154.
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Noun1.Monte Carlo - a town and popular resort in the principality of MonacoMonte Carlo - a town and popular resort in the principality of Monaco; famous for its gambling casino
Monaco, Principality of Monaco - a constitutional monarchy in a tiny enclave on the French Riviera
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Evaluation of candidate test plans was performed using Monte Carlo simulation, and the results support the assumption that minimum lowest stress corresponds to lower variance of the time to p% failure at the use condition, for a given sample allocation.
Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) is a widely used technique in the risk analysis of the energy projects.
It's time to roll the dice using a Monte Carlo simulation.
A routine present value analysis extended with Monte Carlo simulation provides a more comprehensive range of possible present value cost outcomes, thus managing expectations and communicating the risk of one option over another.
However, Monte Carlo simulation, which was created by scientists attempting to determine radiation shielding, has assisted in the assessment of risk that impacts more than just the bottom line.
One of the perceived drawbacks of Monte Carlo Simulation is the difficulty of assigning a particular probability distribution to a model variable, which may seem arbitrary.
The Monte Carlo simulation has been developed as an improved scenario analysis.
Monte Carlo simulation works by selecting values at random within a specified range and creating a probability distribution.
0, which combines genetic algorithm optimisation with Monte Carlo simulation to solve complex optimisation problems.
Keywords: Real options; Fuzzy numbers; Monte Carlo simulation
Then came the advent of significant software tools, such as Monte Carlo Simulation, and a new world of possibilities opened to planners.
A Monte Carlo simulation run on a grid or cluster differs from that run on a standalone processor, in that the simulation is split into many smaller sub-tasks, each executed on a different processor.

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