n.1.A custom, formerly practiced by the scholars at Eton school, England, of going every third year, on Whittuesday, to a hillock near the Bath road, and exacting money from all passers-by, to support at the university the senior scholar of the school.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The woman, who is in her forties, was walking near Montem Leisure Centre and towards the A4.
But the ( Montem Mound , which is more than 100 feet across, was really built about 1,500 years ago, around the same time as other more well-known burial mounds where local leaders or people of high status were laid to rest.
(27) As lava chases the locals, its lore pursues the mountain itself: insequitur ummon tamen sua fabula montem (603).
(16) The Mountain is identified several times in stage directions, starting with the one after 1790: "Tunc remiga[n]t ad montem et dicit rex", ["Then they row to the mountain and the king says" (translation mine)].
Indeed, according to the Gospel of Matthew, 'Non potest civitas abscondi supra montem posita, neque accendunt lucernam, et ponunt earn sub modio, sed super candelabrum, ut luceat omnibus qui in domo sunt.
"Deus qui dedisti legem moysi in summitate montis synai et in eodem loco per sanctos angelos tuos corpus beate katerine virginis et martyris tue mirabiliter collocasti: tribue nobis quaesumus ut meritis et intercessione ad montem qui Christus est valeamus pervenire."