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 (mŏn′tə-rā′, mōn′tĕ-)
A city of northeast Mexico west of Matamoros. Founded in 1596, the city was captured (September 1846) by Zachary Taylor's forces during the Mexican War.


(ˌmɒntəˈreɪ; Spanish mɔntɛˈrrɛi)
(Placename) a city in NE Mexico, capital of Nuevo Léon state: the third largest city in Mexico; a major industrial centre, esp for metals. Pop: 1 353 000 (2005 est)


(ˌmɒn təˈreɪ)

the capital of Nuevo León, in NE Mexico. 1,916,472.
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Noun1.Monterrey - an industrial city in northeastern MexicoMonterrey - an industrial city in northeastern Mexico
Mexico, United Mexican States - a republic in southern North America; became independent from Spain in 1810
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A of Monterey, Mexico to provide the company its CloudID multi-modal biometric authentication system.
The full collection has over 1,200 pieces and is housed in a museum next to the Femsa headquarters in Monterey, Mexico.
NASDAQ: XGTI) (NASDAQ: XGTIW) said it has entered into a funded product testing agreement with Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon in Monterey, Mexico.
Eagle also has a wholly owned subsidiary in Monterey, Mexico and distributors and dealers throughout the world.
This brand portfolio includes Skittles[R], Starburs[R], Tunes[R], Lockets[R], Rondo[R], Kenman[R], Skwinkles[R] and Lucas[R] brands, as well as production facilities in Scoresby, Australia; Porici, Czech Republic; and Monterey, Mexico.
SEL will manufacture the electronic equipment in Pullman, Washington, and ship it to the SEL panel manufacturing plant in Monterey, Mexico, for assembly and testing.
With this acquisition Nascent now has 11 strategically located distribution centers in Mexico: Tijuana (2), Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Penasco, Mexicali, Ensenada, Monterey, Mexico City (2), Guadalajara, and Cancun, allowing Nascent to service all of the country's major metropolitan areas.
Univision bought a 50 percent interest in Disa in 2001 from the Chavez family of Monterey, Mexico, which continues to manage the partnership.
and other Whirlpool locations; in Canada, from Burlington to Mississauga; and in Monterey, Mexico, where both companies have offices.
International investor interest in Toronto and Montreal, Canada, and Mexico City and Monterey, Mexico also remains strong.
The Monterey, Mexico quartet includes brothers Tony and Cano Hernandez on vocals and guitar, along with drummer Ezequiel Alvarado and transcendent accordion player, Isaac "Campa" Valdez--who doesn't hesitate to show off his expertise on accordion nor his ease of combining all this with his infectious style of dancing cumbia on stage EGS way--Chuntaro Style.

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