Monterey Bay

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Mon′terey Bay′

an inlet of the Pacific in W California. 26 mi. (42 km) long.
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Noun1.Monterey Bay - an inlet of the Pacific Ocean in western CaliforniaMonterey Bay - an inlet of the Pacific Ocean in western California
Calif., California, Golden State, CA - a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes
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According to ( CNN , divers recently found the barred knifejaw swimming in Monterey Bay, California. The fish, which has a zebra-life appearance due to its black and white stripes, likely emigrated halfway across the world due to the 2011 natural disasters as it has been seen several times in the area.
MONTEREY BAY, CALIFORNIA IT LOOKS set to be a bumper season in this bay, just south of San Francisco, which attracts one of the world's largest gatherings of blue whales.
Aplysia vaccaria has been recorded as far north as Monterey Bay, California (Behrens 1991; Behrens and Hermosillo), and large specimens were observed subtidally by Cheryl Mitchell off the Monterey Breakwater on 18 September 2015 (9).
Monterey Bay, California, would apparently fit in 7,469,681,093 Olympic swimming pools, and this vast environment hosts one of the biggest wildlife gatherings in the ocean.
NEW Big Blue Live BBC1, 7pm Once a year, Monterey Bay, California sees a huge gathering of sea lions, sea birds, sharks and whales.
Over six days, the BBC films live from Monterey Bay, California, to capture one of the biggest gatherings of marine life.
Recruitment of three species of juvenile rockfish (Sebastes spp.) on soft benthic habitat in Monterey Bay, California. CalCOFI Rep.
While at a conference, held in Monterey Bay, California, leading experts warned that mankind might not be able to control computer-based systems that carry out a growing share of society's workload, reports The Times.
"aurita" from Japan (one from Tokyo Bay, and one aquarium-raised) plus a population that was apparently introduced to San Francisco Bay; and the second group consisted of wild medusae from Monterey Bay, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia.
Biologists at Monterey Bay, California, have now found that nitric oxide gas inside the sperm is the fertilisation "switch" for sea urchins.

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