Of or relating to the Montessori method.
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Cossentino offers a probing analysis of the Montessori tradition of teacher preparation: To become a Montessorian involves enacting a specific pedagogical repertoire with increased care and precision.
During my third visit to Liberty in June, 2009, I once again enjoyed listening to six of the school-age children tell me more about their life at Liberty; as they had learned so effectively through their previous Montessorian experiences.
Following her studies abroad, de Lissa determined to meld Froebelian and Montessorian methods in the kindergartens.
46) Initially de Lissa drew on Froebel, Montessori and Dewey in much the same manner as the KTC, and students had ongoing practical experience in the application of Froebelian and Montessorian methods at Rommany Nursery School which was attached to the College.
The kindergarten was conceived according to Montessorian principles.
In it, she explicated what was then, and continues to be, a revolutionary vision of childhood and schooling that animates the hows as well as the whys of the method and, for many, defines the experience of becoming a Montessorian.
More than anything, to become a Montessorian is to undergo a transformation of outlook and orientation toward childhood and human development.
Although the school's teachers collaboratively reformulate and redefine the teaching philosophy from time to time, it is fundamentally Montessorian.
This article discusses the importance of pretend play for various aspects of children's development and the difficulty for adults, especially Montessorians, in understanding such play.
As a result, it was not until recently that Montessorians encountered pressure to collect research data (Seldin, 2002/03).
The PYCO six-footers are unfazed by their tiny neighbors, and the Montessorians appear equally nonplussed.
An explanation which Montessorians might advance suggests that even in the presence of testing practice, typical classroom protocols for Montessori students do not include the same volume of paper and pencil calculation which typically occur for traditional students.