Montezuma cypress

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Noun1.Montezuma cypress - cypress of river valleys of Mexican highlandsMontezuma cypress - cypress of river valleys of Mexican highlands
cypress - wood of any of various cypress trees especially of the genus Cupressus
genus Taxodium, Taxodium - bald cypress; swamp cypress
Ahuehuete, Tule tree - Mexico's most famous tree; a giant specimen of Montezuma cypress more than 2,000 years old with a girth of 165 feet at Santa Maria del Tule; "some say the Tule tree is the world's largest single biomass"
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The twelve tree species include the Gingko tree from China, Weeping Fig from Cambodia, White Mulberry from Australia, Baobab from South Africa, Mango from West Africa, Olive and Weeping Willow from Europe, Kapok from Brazil, Montezuma Cypress from Mexico, Southern Live Oak from SE United States, Monterey Pine from California, and the Lychee tree from Hawaii.
Finds there include a huge Montezuma cypress that dwarfs the church beside it.
Among the trees shown in the book: Tule, Mexico's monster Montezuma cypress; a gum tree with a steel-spiked spiral staircase that reaches 207 feet from base to canopy; and Dr.