Monthly nurse

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a nurse who serves for a month or some short time, esp. one which attends women after childbirth.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The monthly nurse tried to quiet her, and presently, from exhaustion, the crying ceased.
The doctor, the monthly nurse, and Dolly and her mother, and most of all Levin, who could not think of the approaching event without terror, began to be impatient and uneasy.
She was the person always first thought of in Raveloe when there was illness or death in a family, when leeches were to be applied, or there was a sudden disappointment in a monthly nurse. She was a "comfortable woman"--good-looking, fresh-complexioned, having her lips always slightly screwed, as if she felt herself in a sick-room with the doctor or the clergyman present.
Why, when Mrs Squeers was brought to bed with little Wackford here, we ran the hooping-cough through half-a-dozen boys, and charged her expenses among 'em, monthly nurse included.
Stelling, though so young a woman, and only anticipating her second confinement, had gone through very nearly the same experience as herself with regard to the behavior and fundamental character of the monthly nurse,--she expressed great contentment to her husband, when they drove away, at leaving Tom with a woman who, in spite of her youth, seemed quite sensible and motherly, and asked advice as prettily as could be.
Kisser, Knacker, Mondayman, Monthly Nurse, Morning Girl, Mugger, Necessary Woman, Night Soilman, Nipper, Now Now, Pigman, Pit Brow Lass, Pom Pom Man and Potato Badger.
In the trial, cosponsored by the European Union and Philips Medical Systems, patients were randomized 1:2:2 to usual care, monthly nurse telephone calls, or twice-daily home telemonitoring with transmission of body weight, blood pressure, and ECG data to hospital-based CHF clinics.
Mean duration of hospitalizations was about 30% less in the telemonitored group than in patients who received monthly nurse phone calls.
* progress notes from all disciplines (We do monthly nurses' notes and nutritional notes and quarterly social work notes);
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