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A district of south-central Paris, France, on the Left Bank. Its cafés have long been famous as gathering places for artists, writers, and intellectuals.


(French mɔ̃parnas)
(Placename) a district of S Paris, on the left bank of the Seine: noted for its cafés, frequented by artists, writers, and students


(mɔ̃ parˈnas)

a district in S Paris, France, on the left bank of the Seine: noted for its cafés and the artists and writers who have frequented and lived in the area.
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The Vicomte de Chagny hurriedly consulted a railway guide, dressed as quickly as he could, wrote a few lines for his valet to take to his brother and jumped into a cab which brought him to the Gare Montparnasse just in time to miss the morning train.
His studio looked out over the Montparnasse cemetery, where only the spooky monument to Baudelaire offered him relief from the rampant nationalism of the time.
Since the '60s the American Centre has evolved from nebulous beatnik origins in the Boulevard Raspail in Montparnasse to a fully fledged, funded and formalised institution in the newly reconstituted eastern quartier of Bercy.
Contract notice: Cleaning, routine maintenance and cleaning services for the interior glazing of the premises of the Montparnasse and Avenue de France sites of the Social Ministries.
Retreat to the sleek Pullman Paris Montparnasse in the heart of cultural Paris for spectacular views over the French capital or browse the hotel's very own art gallery.
pounds 336 Travel to Paris for a three night stay at the Campanile Maine Montparnasse.
The Bobin'O in Montparnasse, which opened in 1873 and whose stage has been the launch pad for many stars, including iconic singers like Edith Piaf and Juliette GrE[umlaut]co, is closing for five months due to lack of custom, with others closing one day a week or offering cheap admissions, as the economic crisis keeps nocturnal clientele away.
Contract award notice: Renewal of the line of high lines following default line 420000 from Paris Montparnasse to Brest and Line 470000 from Savenay to Landerneau.
Montparnasse cemetery at dusk (okay - maybe that's just me).