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A city of southern France near the Mediterranean Sea west-northwest of Marseille. Founded in the tenth century, it was purchased by Philip VI of France in 1349. The city was later a Huguenot center and was besieged and captured by Louis XIII in 1622.


(French mɔ̃pɛlje)
(Placename) a city in S France, the chief town of Languedoc: its university was founded by Pope Nicholas IV in 1289; wine trade. Pop: 254 974 (2006)


(mɔ̃ pɛˈlyeɪ)

a city in S France. 221,307.
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Then there was Mason of Bradford, and the notorious Muller, and Lefevre of Montpellier, and Samson of new Orleans.
Returning to France, I spent some months in a research into the coal-tar derivatives, which I conducted in a laboratory at Montpellier, in the south of France.
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