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(French mɔ̃trœj)
(Placename) an E suburb of Paris: formerly famous for peaches, but now industrialized. Pop: 102 889 (2006)


(mɔ̃ˈtrœ yə)

a suburb of Paris, in N France. 93,394.
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D'Artagnan, on his side, went up to the landlady, praised her wine -- which was a horrible production from the country of Montreuil -- and heard from her that there were only two houses of importance in the village; one of these belonged to the Archbishop of Paris, and was at that time the abode of his niece the Duchess of Longueville; the other was a convent of Jesuits and was the property -- a by no means unusual circumstance -- of these worthy fathers.
And while it isn't gold, Mattawa businessman and part-time prospector Ron Montreuil is confident a full-scale development of his garnet property will occur.
The 2012 comedy, which tells the story of a widow who returns to Montreuil following the death of her husband in a scooter accident, was named the winner of the prestigious International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) Prize at the festival, the Anatolia news agency has reported.
After reading a piece in The Economist back in 2006 titled "The Physical Internet" on the state of global logistics, Montreuil, a professor in the department of operations and decision systems at the Universite Laval in Quebec, began pondering the possibility of applying the principles of the digital Internet to the physical supply chain.
His trip to Montreuil comes on the heels of his turn penning the address for World Theatre Day, which was celebrated on March 27.
PARIS, FRANCE: Carlyle Europe Real Estate Partners and GECINA have agreed to the signing of a sale option of Valmy, a newly developed office building in Montreuil close to Paris 20, an investment higher than $156 million.
The Mouse is selling the Montreuil studio, which employees about 100 people.
Contract notice:maintenance services for elevators and hoisting equipment in the city of montreuil and ccas in the city of montreuil
Back in 2006, Montreuil began wondering how distribution and logistics would be improved if we applied some of the principles of the digital Internet to the physical movement of goods.