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Noun1.Montserratian - a native or inhabitant of Montserrat
Montserrat - a volcanic island in the Caribbean; in the West Indies
West Indian - a native or inhabitant of the West Indies
Adj.1.Montserratian - of or relating to Montserrat or the inhabitants of Montserrat; "Montserratian natives"
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I was left with many questions that I felt inadequately skilled or knowledgeable enough to answer: How could I justify being a white British woman writing about black Montserratian women and men?
Lucian, Montserratian, Turks and Caicos Islands, Vincentian, Virgin Islands, British, Virgin Islands, U.S., Belizean, Dutch Antillean, Guadeloupe, Surinamese tourism industry.
Selected by the Montserratian government in October 2012, Iceland Drilling Co.
(39.) Stuart Philpott Remittance Obligations, Social Networks and Choice among Montserratian Immigrants in Britain, MAN, 3(3) 465-76; also Robert A Manners, Remittances and the Unit of Analysis in Anthropological Research," Southwestern Journal of Anthropology, 1965, 21 (3) 179-195 and Bonham Richardson in, The Modern Caribbean, ed, Franklin W.
This paper explores the issues of identity and ethnicity that confront relocated Montserratian students in British schools.
Perhaps it is no coincidence, therefore, that the least convincing of the essays Jonathan Skinner's reading of Montserratian poet Howard Fergus in terms of Scottish poet Douglas Dunn's idea of 'barbarian poetry'--contains the most explicit and direct attempt to connect transatlantic experiences and poetics.
"I have family in Montserrat and count myself as a British Montserratian. I'm used to playing for Enfield Rangers over the park at weekends, so this is a dream for me."
"I hope the aid from the concert will be more efficiently channeled than any government help so far," commented Donald Romeo, a Montserratian who has taken the plight of his fellow islanders to heart.
In Looking Out, Looking In: New and Selected Poems (London: Anvil Press Poetry, 2010, paper 14.95 [pounds sterling]), Montserratian man-of-letters E.A.