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A long loose dress that hangs free from the shoulders.

[Hawaiian mu'umu'u, cut off, muumuu (so called because it has short sleeves and a deeply cut neck, in contrast to the European-style dresses introduced to Hawaii earlier).]



n., pl. -muus.
a long, loose-hanging dress, usu. brightly colored or patterned.
[1920–25; < Hawaiian mu'umu'u, literally, cut-off; so called because it orig. lacked a yoke]


A type of long, loose, brightly colored dress originally worn by Hawaiian women.
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Noun1.muumuu - a woman's loose unbelted dress
dress, frock - a one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice
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bubumemeeku (mirana), faiba moomoo, neebau (muinane), madi (piaroa), buibuiboto (sikuani), kuikui (siona), date (tikuna), [activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado]dat[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado]nor[activar tachado]I [deactivar tachado], inori, udatinore (uitoto)
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