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1. A walk on the surface of the moon by an astronaut.
2. A dance step in which the dancer creates the illusion of walking forward while actually sliding back one foot at a time.
intr.v. moon·walked, moon·walk·ing, moon·walks
1. To walk on the surface of the moon.
2. To perform the moonwalk dance step.

moon′walk′er n.


1. (Astronomy) an instance of walking on the moon
2. (Dancing) a type of dance, popular in the 1980s, in which the dancer appears to be sliding on the spot
3. (Astronomy) (intr) to walk on the moon's surface
4. (tr) to move (someone) along as if dancing the moonwalk
5. (Dancing) (intr) to dance the moonwalk



an exploratory walk by an astronaut on the surface of the moon.
[1965–70, Amer.]
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Noun1.moonwalk - a kind of dance step in which the dancer seems to be sliding on the spot; "Michael Jackson perfected the moonwalk in the 1980s"
dance step, step - a sequence of foot movements that make up a particular dance; "he taught them the waltz step"
2.moonwalk - an exploratory walk by an astronaut on the surface of the moon
walk - the act of walking somewhere; "he took a walk after lunch"
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The original footage of Neil Armstrong's moon walk was accidently erased, after old magnetic tapes were reused to record satellite data.
VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis hopes that the 50th anniversary of the first moon walk inspires efforts to help our "common home" on Earth.
The immersive lunar sequence detailing Armstrong's moon walk gave 2018 a shot of bravura cinematic magic.
The last crew to land was Apollo 17 in 1972, three years after US astronaut Neil Armstrong's first Moon walk.
Therefore, in 2500BCE the reader could be making papyrus in ancient Egypt or in 1969CE learning to moon walk.
Now the more than 140,000 files are available to the public. ( NASA's Image and Video Library is searchable and contains a variety of photos from nebulas and black holes to the moon walk and launches.
Profusely illustrated throughout, "Milestones of Flight: From Hot-Air Balloons to Space Ship One" by Tim Grove (who is Chief of Museum Learning at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum) takes young readers ages 10 to 14 soaring through the high points of American aviation: from the Wright brothers and their competitors to the military pilots who first circumnavigated the globe, from the initial space rocket to the moon walk, from the earliest manmade satellite to today's spy drones.
EVENTS 1971: Alan Shepard becomes the first man to hit a golf ball on the Moon during a two-day Moon walk from Apollo 14.
Funding from Arts Council England comes two weeks after the Chung Ying Moon Walk in Chinatown, which raised PS3,700 and earlier in the summer Birmingham-based law firm Gateley donated PS20,000 towards the project.
MOON WALK Shane and Jessie after their meeting in West London
Why not check the calendar and plan your own full moon walk?
The Clinical Professionals Group's CEO, Yvette Cleland, commented: “One of our team had a partner doing the Moon Walk and we wished to further support her efforts in fundraising.