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This is a real company renting over 100 inflatable bounce houses, slides, moon walks, games, and much more in stock, filling a 4,000 sq ft warehouse.
He completed two moon walks and helped install the first nuclearpowered generator.
We began offering full moon walks at the State Arboretum of Virginia in the summer of 2011.
Over the last 12 years, Joyce Henley and her pal Carol Young have taken on six Great North Runs, six Blaydon Races, six Cancer Runs, four Boxing Day dips and three Moon Walks, raising more than pounds 6,000 for good causes.
These 3-D photos were taken during robotic space and human exploration missions and include photos shot by the Apollo astronauts on their Moon walks. A perfect gift for any astronomy buff who would live the lunar experience!
It pushed Nasa past the 50-day total (more than 1,200 hours) for space and moon walks in the space agency's history.