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also moon cake  (mo͞on′kāk′)
A small dense pastry filled with bean paste, ground lotus seeds, or other ingredients, traditionally eaten during the Chinese moon festival.

[Translation of Mandarin yuèbǐng (yuè, moon + bǐng, flatbread, cake) and its equivalents in other varieties of Chinese, such as Cantonese jyut6 beng2.]
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(ˈmuːnkeɪk) or

moon cake

(Cookery) a type of cake that is eaten during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.
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As more passengers are found bringing mooncakes containing pork into the country, the authorities are mulling checking the carry-on luggage of all travelers arriving in Taiwan from Asian countries in a renewed effort to keep African swine fever out of the country, reports said Wednesday (September 4).
Seattle, WA, August 29, 2019 --( Lucky Envelope Brewing will celebrate the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with mooncakes and special beer releases on Saturday, September 7th from Noon-10pm at their tasting room in Ballard.
The exhibition features Towngas' key community care projects including Soup to Warm the Heart, Rice Dumplings for the Community, Mooncakes for the Community, Haircuts for the Elderly, free checks for Personal Emergency Link Service, installing handrails, as well as electrical washlet and bathroom ventilator donations, providing attendees with a glimpse of TVST's scope of service.
Traditional mooncakes, a staple during the celebrations will be served in all classes.
Celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival with traditional mooncakes specially made from Hong Kong, as Marco Polo Ortigas Manila presents this year's collection in stylish and exquisite boxes.
(62) See Laura Shin, From Blockchains To Mooncakes: Two Chinese Crypto Founders on the ICO and Bitcoin Exchanges Ban.
For dessert, variety of dim sum and delicacies, such as Tang Yuan, assorted hopia, mooncakes and tikoy were also served.
Next door in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim-majority country which also has a sizeable ethnic Chinese population, the Lunar New Year is a public holiday.Events such as traditional lion dances are held in decorated public spaces while supermarkets stock up on mooncakes and tangerines.
Mooncakes are one of the most popular elements of Hong Kong's Mid-Autumn Festival, and for good reason.
Through the years, Chef Yu's traditional mooncakes have gained popularity.
Moon Festival Mid-Autumn Festival in my homeland Golden plate lightening a jet black tent Holding my grandpa and my grandma's hands Listen to them humming tunes in accent Sitting beside their farm in the cool air Nearby creek water washing ancient bedrocks Wind with scent of rice brushing my hair In the clouds screeches from an unseen hawk A tray filled with mooncakes of all flavors Instead of cutting we each take a bite The unique sweetness for us to savor With our time under the moonlight Pleasant hours fly like fastest go-cart It will stay forever deep in my heart Salina Chen, age 12 Sponsored by Birgit Spring, Saratoga Library, Saratoga, California