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n.1.(Bot.) Same as Mung.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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FAISALABAD -- The agriculture experts have advised the growers to complete cultivation of 'Moong' immediately at late sowing could cause loss in production.
The spokesman said that in rain-fed areas, farmers must plough the land deep so that moisture could be saved for cultivation of Mung bean (Moong), Maash, Pearl millet and other crops.
SPROUTED MOONG CHAAT This healthy snack is made with sprouted moong,onions, tomatoes and a mix of sweet and tangy chutney.
FAISALABAD: The agriculture experts have advised the growers to start cultivation of Moong crop from mid of June and complete it by end July to get bumper yield.
ISLAMABAD -- Punjab Agriculture Department has advised the growers to complete sowing of Moong lentils crop by the end of the next month.
DELICACY: Moong dal halwa is a dessert with its roots in Rajasthan, India.
Moong (green gram) and urad (black gram) procurement in Maharashtra at minimum support price (MSP) is slowly gathering pace.
Rs 10-15 per kg subsidy would also be given on different pulses including moong, mash and gram.
Consumers in Mumbai and Chennai are paying the maximum price for tur, urad and moong followed by Delhi and Kolkata.
Gram dal, tur dal, urad dal, moong dal, masoor dal remained steady at almost all retail centers while decreased at some centers.
The increases were witnessed in the prices of Dal Moong (Green Moong Beans) and fine quality Dal Mash, which have skyrocketed to record levels during the last one week.
DHOKLA Ingredients 1 teacup moong dal 2 tsp gram flour 2 green chillies 2 tbsp chopped cabbage 2 tbsp chopped carrots 2 tsp fruit salt 1 tbsp fresh curds a pinch asafoetida salt to taste Cooking instructions: Soak moong dal for two hours and then drain it.