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n.1.A Mohammedan professor or teacher of language.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For the use of shora in Indian Persian, see Francis Gladwin, The Persian Moonshee, 3d ed., vol.
As such--like the language guide entitled the Persian Moonshee compiled in 1795 by the prolific Company scholar Francis Gladwin (1744-1812), which also made use of the new Persian type--Balfour's book was an attempt to allow Britons to avoid the expense and embarrassment of employing a better-skilled Indian "assistant." (3) This was scholarship in the service of empire, albeit at this stage still John Company's empire.
The gelding is not in the general stud book, but he is out of bumper winner Moonshee and is from the immediate family of the good staying hurdler Mrs Muck and the Mildmay Memorial winner High Ken.
It reminds us of the real need there is for a trinitarian methodological approach to the Serampore story, for Carey was one of three (the Serampore trio), supported by three close senior colleagues in Britain (Fuller, Ryland and Sutcliffe), and served by a linguistic team of over one hundred moonshees and pundits in Bengal.(31) To that set of three teams, Carey was most indebted.