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n acronym for
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Market and Opinion Research Institute: a MORI poll.


(ˈmɔr i)
Yoshiro, born 1937, premier of Japan since 2000.


(Brit) abbr of Market and Opinion Research Institute britisches Meinungsforschungsinstitut; MORI pollMeinungsumfrage f
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Tenders are invited for Upgradation of Moori to Shamshanghat road in Km 1st RD (925-1000) and Km 2nd RD (0-75) by way of construction of pucca drain (Agg.
Conforme Lombardi, Moori e Sato (2004), as condicoes basicas que definem os produtos organicos se resumem em ausencia de agrotoxicos e fertilizantes quimicos em seu cultivo.
The government is not only mulling permanent solutions to resolve the issues of the victims but also resolving to introduce legislation to streamline the cases pending of the land transfers and construction of model villages like Said Pur and other localities ndash Noor Pur Shahan, Saidpur, Malpur, Lakhval, Teeli Moori, Mochi Mohra, Java, Teeli and Ojri Kalaan ndash into the model villages.
Daniel Winter Fernandes, Roberto Giro Moori and Valdir Antonio Vitorino Filho
La noche del 22 al 23 de diciembre de 1955, se supo despues, tres militares liderados por el titular del Servicio de Inteligencia del Ejercito, Moori Koening, secuestraron el cadaver.
About 100 big and small mourning processions from Dhoke Syedan, Tench Bhatta, Dhoke Mangtal, Dhoke Ratta, Kamalabad, Groti, Gora Syedan, Jhangi Syedan, Shah Chan Cheerag, Misriyal, Shah Piyara near Choor, Lal Kurti, Adiyal Road, Sadiqabad, Muslim Town, Girja Road, Drek Moori, Rawat, Sihala, Khanna Dak, Tali Moori would also take out.
Malik Rais, a resident of Tehli Moori lodged an FIR with R.A Bazaar police on June 25, saying he was displaying posters of a Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf candidate in PP-14 in the Cantt area when two unidentified motorcycle riders came and tore the posters.
In this context, company engagement in relationship-building is a source of value creation in the chemical industry, since intangible assets are widely used as a way of providing agile and timely responses to customer demands, such as knowledge sharing, patent registration, and the adoption of innovation (Baltagi, Egger, & Kesina, 2016; Moori, Shibao, & Kimura, 2016).