Moorish arch

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Noun1.Moorish arch - a round arch that widens before rounding offMoorish arch - a round arch that widens before rounding off
round arch - an arch formed in a continuous curve; characteristic of Roman architecture
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Wide galleries ran all around the four sides, whose Moorish arches, slender pillars, and arabesque ornaments, carried the mind back, as in a dream, to the reign of oriental romance in Spain.
Liverpool Underground, which campaigns for better transport links, wants to see the old Moorish Arch, which was located within the Cavendish railway cutting at Edge Hill, recreated.
Edge Hill was the site of another engineering spectacle, the Moorish Arch where the railway's opening ceremony took place and where Stephenson was required to provide a dramatic and decorative feature.
Atlantis sits atop the iconic Palm Jumeirah and features two towers linked by an authentic moorish arch. The 17 hectare waterscape, Aquaventure is the largest water park in the region.
So if true - well, I can see it now as our martyr passes through the Pearly Gates (or Moorish Arch).
The engine room was situated in a beautifully designed sandstone Moorish Arch that spanned the cutting at Edge Hill.