Moose deer

Related to Moose deer: Cervidae, Alces americanus
Same as Moose.

See also: moose

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"It was amazing," said 16-year-old MaKenna Piercey from Moose Deer Point First Nation, Ont.
Moose Deer Point First Nation child and youth worker Chuck Patterson said the experience touched participants on a personal level.
Niigon Technologies Ltd., a custom injection molder in Moose Deer Point First Nation, Canada, replaced the standard mineral oil-based hydraulic fluid in a Husky H160 press with a new synthetic fluid.
For instance, Moose Deer Point First Nation, south of Parry Sound, has a joint venture agreement with Husky Injection Mouldings and CEO Robert Schad that has built and trained a workforce for a large and expanding plastics manufacturing system.
The Moose Deer Point First Nation serves as a role model for First Nation communities looking for creative ways to boost local economies.
Niigon Technologies is wholly owned by Moose Deer Point First Nation, which provided land, human resources and $2 million in funding for the business.
Cote, who's a member of Ontario's Moose Deer Point First Nation, wants to see the posters going into all the educational institutions and Friendship Centres and "wherever there are Aboriginal youth programs so our people can begin to create a dialogue about their place here." That's just for starters, he said.
"This project is the cornerstone of the sustainable community at Moose Deer Point," Dickson says.
The Niigon building, is located in a pristine setting off the Georgian Bay coast on Moose Deer Point.
Officials with Moose Deer Point First Nations report construction work on Niigon Technologies, a world-class injection molding facility, is pressing ahead.