Moot case

a case or question to be mooted; a disputable case; an unsettled question.

See also: Moot

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Terming it a moot case, the Supreme Court dismissed Hawaii's lawsuit, challenging Trump administration's travel ban that blocked travelers from six majority-Muslim countries from entering the U.S.
In the second place, the effect of the condition would be to obstruct the administration of justice by requiring the courts to pass upon a moot case. If the conditions were valid and the gift were held subject to tax, the only effect of the holding would be to defeat the gift so that it would not be subject to tax....
The evaluation process within the benchmarking relied on the students' learning reflections on the moot case, on teaching evaluations, and on unsolicited and informal student feedback.
A moot case is one that seeks to determine an abstract question that does not arise upon existing facts or rights." Adams v.
Instead the majority of the Court embraced the moot case to declare, in more than 25 printed pages of judgment, that they were not going to intervene by creating any common law principle to protect the fetus.
The team beat the Singapore Management University in the final round held at Oxfords Rhodes House, winning the judges nod for their defense of hate speech legislation in the moot case.
Although the provision was not included to save taxes, the Fourth Circuit, clearly troubled by the implications of approving such a proviso, held it to be against public policy, because (1) public officials would be discouraged from attempting to collect the tax, as the effect of such an attempt would be to defeat the gift; (2) it would tend to obstruct the administration of justice, by requiring the courts to address a moot case; and (3) it would defeat a judgment rendered by the court.
Second, if the clause were valid, the only effect would be to obstruct justice, by requiring the court to pass on a moot case. If the clause were valid, it would be impossible to incur any gift tax liability.
They obstruct the administration of justice by requiring courts to pass on a moot case.
PET explained that 'it is a settled jurisprudence that courts refrained from deciding moot cases since any decision that may be rendered will have no practical or useful purpose and therefore, cannot be enforced.'
In fact, the court went beyond federal justiciability doctrine in not only holding that the state's courts lacked authority to hear moot cases, but also concluding that the court cannot hear such cases even when they are capable of repetition, yet evading review--an exception to mootness that had been recognized by the federal courts and the courts of every other state in the country.
FLSA class action strategy seeks to moot cases Class actions expected to rise this year