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Noun1.Jane Jacobs - United States writer and critic of urban planning (born in 1916)
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The warriors and bureaucrats who learn to lord over others, have a 'Guardian' class moral syndrome that includes "Respect hierarchy", "Be obedient and disciplined", "Dispense largesse" and "Deceive for the sake of the task".
Second is the "Commercial" moral syndrome, which is concerned with the production of, and trade in, goods and services.
Thus, Guardian occupations should be conducted in accordance with the Guardian moral syndrome, and should not follow Commercial moral precepts to any major degree.
In Systems of Survival, Jacobs explained that societal flourishing depends on an appropriate pattern of interaction between what she described as commercial and guardian moral syndromes and their carriers.
Extraordinary cities; millennia of moral syndromes, world-systems and city/state relations.