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Noun1.Jane Jacobs - United States writer and critic of urban planning (born in 1916)
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In general, opportunistic behavior is outside of the Commercial moral syndrome.
For a time, including the early part of the period recalled by Professor Wyatt, the values inherent in the Guardian moral syndrome were dominant, in both the promotion of investor protection and in the profession's opposition to the Commercial syndrome, through such anticompetitive practices as bans on advertising, on competitive bidding, and on the hiring of employees from other firms.
However, as Professor Wyatt describes it, in the last 40 years or so we have seen a significant shift so that the Commercial moral syndrome has captured not only management consulting--where is started--but also the auditing function of public accounting.
In Systems of Survival, Jacobs explained that societal flourishing depends on an appropriate pattern of interaction between what she described as commercial and guardian moral syndromes and their carriers.
Extraordinary cities; millennia of moral syndromes, world-systems and city/state relations.