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n. pl. Mar·ra·nos Offensive
Used as a disparaging term for a Converso.

[Spanish, pig, Marrano (from the Jewish prohibition against eating pork), probably from Arabic maḥram, something forbidden, from ḥarama, to forbid; see x̣rm in Semitic roots.]


n, pl -nos
(Judaism) a Spanish or Portuguese Jew of the late Middle Ages who was converted to Christianity, esp one forcibly converted but secretly adhering to Judaism
[from Spanish, literally: pig, with reference to the Jewish prohibition against eating pig meat]


(məˈrɑ noʊ)

n., pl. -nos.
a Spanish or Portuguese Jew forced to convert to Christianity during the late Middle Ages.
[< Sp: literally, pig, from the Jewish law forbidding the eating of pork]
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Noun1.Marrano - (medieval Spain and Portugal) a disparaging term for a Jew who converted to Christianity in order to avoid persecution but continued to practice their religion secretly
Converso - (medieval Spain and Portugal) a Jew or Moor who professed to convert to Christianity in order to avoid persecution or expulsion
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The other women in the list are Emma Morano, Margot Wallstorm (Sweden), Manal-al-Sharif (Saudi Arabia), Alice Schwarzer, Yu Xiuhua, Sinta Nuriyah, Letizia Battaglia, Asli Erdogan, Olive Yang, Henda Ayari,
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