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 (môr′ə-və, mō′rä-vä)
1. A river rising in the eastern Czech Republic and flowing about 365 km (225 mi) generally southward to the Danube River near Bratislava, Slovakia.
2. A river of eastern Serbia rising in two forks and flowing about 209 km (130 mi) north-northwest to the Danube River east of Belgrade.


1. (Placename) a river in central Europe, rising in the Sudeten Mountains, in the Czech Republic, and flowing south through Slovakia to the Danube: forms part of the border between the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria. Length: 370 km (230 miles). German name: March
2. (Placename) a river in E Serbia, formed by the confluence of the Southern Morava and the Western Morava near Stalac: flows north to the Danube. Length: 209 km (130 miles)
3. (Placename) the Czech name for Moravia1


(ˈmɔr ə və; Czech. ˈmɔ rɑ vɑ)

1. a river in central Europe, flowing S from the NE Czech Republic, along part of the border between the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Slovakia and Austria, into the Danube. 240 mi. (385 km) long.
2. a river in E Yugoslavia, flowing N to the Danube. 134 mi. (216 km) long.
3. Czech name of Moravia.
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Contract award notice: : technical and security supervision of water works under the management of the morava river basin, In the years 2018-2021
Sojakova was allegedly walking approximately 14 dogs on January 6 when the water of the Morava river became swollen from the thaw and the warm weather, and she probably became trapped somewhere around the locality of Devinske Jazero, Sme wrote then.
Since the population in the River Becva is considered extinct is the only known "population" of the species in the River Morava catchment.
Yr oedd John Morava yn arwain cyngerdd ar brynhawn dydd Sul ar y pier.
After 20 years we have completed the repeated GPS measurements in the MORAVA geodynamic epoch network.
Although the situation is currently stable in Serbia, water levels of rivers Morava, Timok and Ibar high and with more rainfall expected during the night, there is a threat of floods in surrounding cities and villages, arable land and private property.
The defence ministry announced in Q315 that both the LRSVM Morava multiple rocket launcher and the Lazar II 8x8 multipurpose armoured vehicle would be entering serial production in 2016.
Prior to assuming the managing editor role, Morava worked 16 years as a reporter at the News-Star and covered city and county government, education, crime and courts, business news as well as public safety issues.
Jan 22, 2015 (SeeNews) - Czech University of Technology in BrnoA has awarded a contract for the procurement anA isostatic press operating at room temperatures toA Merici technika Morava Sro.
Prague, SANA -- Czech Republic Parliament Deputy Speaker, Head of Morava Communist Party, Vojtech Filip, stressed that although Syria is one of the countries which highly embody features of tolerance and coexistence among their components, it is being constantly targeted by US attacks.
It would be cheaper if the pipeline passes through the river flow of Vardar River and Morava River.
It plans to connect South Morava from Gnjilane to Prizren (Kosovo) with Lepenec.