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|Spen Valley: Gomersal Moravian Church; Luddites At Cleckheaton Library; Oakwell Hall, Birstall; St John's Church, Cleckheaton; Spen Valley Luddite Walk; and Whitechapel Church, Cleckheaton.
Dague is a representative of the Lititz Moravian Church. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and has a master's degree from Moravian Theological Seminary.Lancaster Health Center named Dr.
Finding roots in Moravian church customs, the putz incorporates secular elements such as shops, houses and trains.
Funeral service to take place at Fairfield Moravian Church, Fairfield Square, Droylsden on Monday 23rd July 2018 at 10.15 am followed by Committal at Dukinfield Crematorium at 11.30am.
Freitag, born on 10 March 1807 in Livonia as the child of Moravian church workers, was a cabinetmaker by trade.
"The Moravian Music Foundation [MMF] has custodial responsibility for more than 10,000 musical documents belonging to the Moravian Church in America.
This essay will explore the nature and extent of the debt that the Camphill Movement owes to the Moravian Church by focusing on the lives of its two principal architects--Karl Koenig and his wife, Mathilde (Tilla) Koenig.
The Moravian church to which his family belonged had a punitive approach to youthfulness.
The foundation's collections are located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in Moravian Church archival facilities, each housing collections from associated congregations.
His funeral service took place at Moravian Church, Oldpark Road, and afterwards at Roselawn cemetery.
Members of the Moravian Church use four plain beeswax candles that can be made at home, reflecting a faith tradition that values simplicity and domestic work.