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n.1.The religious system of the Moravians.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For example, Thomas suggests that Mary Prince's application to join London's Fretter Lane Moravian congregation is evidence that "her conversion was more than nominal or instrumental in worldly terms, that Moravianism satisfied some of her spiritual and personal needs" (p.
If we compare the derivatives cosmotheism, myriotheism, Moravianism, Plotinism, Psilanthropism and theanthropism coined by Coleridge to Walpole's creations balloonism and gardenist, it is obvious that the latter lack the academic flavour of the former and thus adopt a humorous connotation.
Durnbaugh, "Spiritual Revival and Hymnody: The Hymnbooks of German Pietism and Moravianism," Brethren Life and Thought 50:2 (Spring 1995): 71-93.
He makes a few references to the work of Marsha Keith Schuchard, but he never acknowledges the direct biographical connections linking Blake to Moravianism and early Methodism through his mother, preferring instead to generalize Blake as a "protestant and a non-conformist" who "harked back to a way of reading the Bible that is more characteristic of the early centuries of Christianity and of medieval scholarship" (7, 9).
Thomas in the Caribbean, who had converted to Moravianism through the work of German missionaries, had created an active Protestant community by the 1730s, "a hidden religious world ...